Click To Buy

Understanding human behaviours to deliver a UK first for the car market

The Challenge

With 92% of car buyers now starting their research online and dealership visits before purchase down from 7 to just 1, all the evidence points to consumers wanting new ways to buy cars. As an innovative car manufacturer who has already tested new purchase models, Hyundai wanted to be first to offer its customers an end-to-end online car buying solution. Our challenge was to make this a reality.

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Hyundai Click to Buy homepage screenshot

The human insight

The car purchase process is complex. People come at it from different angles (from configuring their car to looking at specific offers) they also often want to leave and come back to the buying/research process. We needed to create an online car buying tool that would fit into any journey a consumer wanted to take. This need to be 'respectful of consumer journeys’ underpinned the whole project.

Hyundai Click to Buy Macbook and mobile screenshot

The Idea

Utilising a simple and intuitive process that can be accessed in different ways – from a car configuration to offers to product pages – Collective developed the UX, design and front end build of the UK’s first end-to-end online car buying service. Customers can get a trade-in price for their old car, configure their new car, arrange finance and pay the deposit, all from their laptop, smart phone, tablet or home computer. Cash buyers can even have the car delivered to them.

The Click to Buy website utilises a deep understanding of how people want to buy cars, to create a seamless, simple and transparent digital experience.

The Impact

The Click to Buy site is now one of Hyundai’s most lucrative ‘dealerships’. What’s more, by arming customers with trade-in prices and a pre-agreed offer, it has become a key driver of conventional sales.

  • 35k-50k visits to the site per week
  • 80,000 configurations across the car models
  • 4% of visits result in a CtB account being opened
  • 3.3% click-to-buy rate

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