Mr T 'Getsomenuts' and a record breaking widget

The Brief

Using Mr. T as the brand advocate, build on the television campaign and make it come alive in the digital world. Engage 16-24 year olds and recruit brand advocates across social networks.

The Solution

We developed a widget to help people model themselves on Mr. T which could be added to Bebo, Facebook or MySpace. With just one click, users could upload a photo of themselves (or others) and decorate the photo with Mr. T's cool hair, gold bling and camouflage apparel.

The Results

It brought about 11 million widget impressions, with 16,000 downloads on D Day. It even became the most sponsored Bebo skin to date with 140,000 page impressions.

The project at a glance

Client: Snickers

Facts and figures:

11m widget impressions
16k downloads on D day

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