innocent Mini Movies

The friendly drinks brand asked us to get their fans making juicy superheroes

The Brief

Design, build and manage an online competition that allows users to submit their own videos for a chance to win £5000, two tickets to the London Film Festival and their 'mini movie' shown on TV.

The Solution

Rather than creating a bespoke mirco-site to host the competition and driving users to it, we came to the logical and more cost-effective solution of taking the competition to the potential audience and hosting it on YouTube.

This minimised the need for bespoke functionality (owing to YouTube's built-in contest module) and reduced the need for innocent to spend their media budget on unnecessary media placements, as YouTube was already home to their core audience groups. The result of this was a more effective campaign for less than half of the client's originally anticipated budget.

Working to YouTube guidelines, the resulting channel was the product of beautifully crafted design that tied-in perfectly with the overall campaign look and feel. In fact, the client was so happy with our digital assets that they also made an appearance in supermarkets on the back of their smoothie cartons.

The project at a glance

Client: Innocent

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