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Engaging both Potter and game fans worldwide through social media channels

The Brief

Build global excitement for the launch of the two-part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows game from EA, focusing on new gameplay and high-definition graphics.

The Solution

Attract a community of online advocates through access to exclusive and shareable assets - the young teenage audience love being first to post and comment on news. We created a Facebook page, Wordpress-driven site and YouTube channel to provide behind-the-scenes stories, game screens, trailers and talent videos that could be easily shared by the community, boosting search results.

We also ran a video competition for fans around the world to become an EA Reporter and go behind-the-scenes of the game at EA Bright Light studios.

The Results

The Facebook page has grown from 4,000 fans in the first week to over half a million fans today.

Main site receives around 55,000 hits a month , with an impressive average stay of 3.9 minutes.

YouTube competition video received over 100,000 views, and the channel was featured in 'The Independent'.

Entire online ecosystem has generated 1.6 million impressions and over 60,000 engagements with Harry Potter game content.

The project at a glance

Client: EA

www: harrypotter.ea.com

Facts and figures:

500k+ facebook fans.
55k hits a month on the main site.
100k+ views of the YouTube competition video.
1.6m impressions on the projects online ecosystem.

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