EA: Crysis 2

Bringing epic gaming to the streets of London and Paris

The Brief

Do something epic. Do something urban. Bring to life the Crysis 2 tagline: ‘Be fast. Be strong. Be invisible. Be the weapon.’

The Insight

Crysis 1 was a revolutionary first-person shoot �em up, offering such advanced gameplay that players rushed out to buy new PCs to play it on. Crysis 2 was even bigger and better � and developed on Crytek’s brand new game engine, CryEngine 3.

With such outstanding tech pedigree, we needed to achieve something similarly advanced to herald the launch. And what better way to do it than give the series’ biggest fans an exclusive chance to play the latest game before anyone else?

The Idea

Live Alien Invasions: Collective projected Crysis 2 live and large onto the buildings of London and Paris for fans to play, two whole weeks before the official launch date.

Our social media team directed fans to events through geo-targeted Facebook updates and shared the experience globally through real-time photo galleries. A video of both nights was released through YouTube and EA channels the following week.

The Results

• Even though venues were only revealed 45 minutes before gameplay began, the events attracted substantial crowds.
• Total views on various YouTube and EA sites: over 107,000.
• EA used the activity as a case study of how to create maximum reach and engagement for minimal cost.
• Bronze Lovie award in the 'Mobile and Experimental' category.

The project at a glance

Client: EA

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