CBeebies: Discovery project

A digital vision for the new generation

The Brief

Define how future generations will engage with content.

The Solution

Recent technological advances have opened up the world for even the littlest learners. We worked with children, their parents and teachers to explore their expectations around online and offline learning. The result was a strategy that involves utilising multi-screens, touch, gesture, facial recognition and wi-fi enabled TVs to create tactile, personalised and playfully discovered experiences to enhance child engagement.

The Results

The 'CBeebies Discovery Report' comprising detailed research, a technological blueprint and over 50 creative concepts to help inform the development of CBeebies as an interactive, multi-platform experience.

The project at a glance

Client: BBC

www: www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies

Facts and figures:

1 year project engagement
12 workshops
35 strategic recommendations
50 creative concepts

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