CBeebies: Discovery project

Informing the development of CBeebies as an interactive experience

The Brief

Collective has worked with the BBC for five years in a range of strategic and creative roles. Recently, we were invited to prepare a vision document that investigated how technology influences the way children interact with content.

The Insight

We conducted extensive workshops with children, their parents and teachers to explore online and offline educational experiences. What became clear was that intuitive touch and gesture interfaces have changed the game for very young children, allowing them to interact as never before. Yet the basic principle remains unchanged: direct contact enhances learning.

The Idea

We created a roadmap driven by a clear philosophy we called liberated learning — a way of utilising multi-screens, touch, gesture, facial recognition and Wifi-enabled TVs to create tactile, personalised and playful experiences. By harnessing the power of technology, our vision showcased ways to create moments of direct contact between children — who’d previously only been able to merely watch the TV — and CBeebies content.

The Results

• The CBeebies Discovery Report, a five-year vision document comprised of detailed research, a technological blueprint and over 50 creative concepts
• The report was designed to help inform the development of CBeebies and CBBC as interactive, multi-platform experiences
• Recommendations now being implemented, with CBeebies’ first multichannel app having just gone live

The project at a glance

Client: BBC

www: www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies

Facts and figures:

1 year project engagement
12 workshops
35 strategic recommendations
50 creative concepts

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