Infamous Second Son

Using a flawless second screen experience to explode fan excitement

The Challenge

We love gaming. Which is why we work with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to launch PlayStation titles across European markets. We were asked to create a way of engaging players with epic title inFAMOUS Second Son, generating buzz and pre-orders in the run-up to launch.

My Independent Bookshop screenshot

The digital Consumer insight

The game’s theme was a gift: Enjoy Your Power. But we realised that rather than passively hear about this responsibility-free attitude, gamers wanted to experience it for themselves. So we set about producing something that allowed users to indiscriminately blow stuff up (without getting arrested).

The Idea

We created a unique digital community for book lovers – “My Independent Bookshop”. It has a simple mission: share the books you love now, and discover the books you’ll love next. Users set up their own personalised bookshop stocked with favourite titles and reviews, creating a space just right for browsing and unearthing.

My Independent Bookshop desktop screenshot

We knew feeling real power in your hands had to be a dual-screen experience. But without the fuss of an app – just a mobile site and wifi connection in explosively seamless harmony.

The Impact

After rolling out across 24 European territories, our inFAMOUS Second Son experience attracted over 100,000 users, saw a 50% engagement rate and became the first next-generation title to reach a cool one million pre-orders. Kaboom.

  • 100K users
  • 50% enagement rate
  • 24 European territories