Exploring the Curious World of Honda

We’ve just launched the first stage of our exciting ‘Curiosity’ website supporting Honda’s new set of Channel 4 idents. Sponsoring C4 documentaries, the idents and digital campaign tap into Honda’s unique ability to look at the world differently, taking inspiration from unexpected places to develop innovative features across all of its products.

How curious are you?

To introduce the digital campaign we’ve created a tricky little test to measure users’ curiosity levels. If you’re equally good at recognising objects, picking out details and challenging facts, you’ll be as curious as a Honda engineer. Everyone who enters makes it through to a prize draw for some exclusive VIP tickets to the Paris Motor Show.

Then, on July 12, the campaign takes your curiosity to the next level. We’ll be delving into the innovative world of Honda and offering exclusive content from some of the most popular Channel 4 documentaries. New content and interactive experiences will be added throughout the year – so watch this space, there’s a lot more to come.

Our very own Creative Director Adam Cleaver had this to say:  “Looking and learning translates brilliantly into creating a rich, surprising online experience. Launching on 14 June, the site will spark consumers’ curiosity, initially offering an intriguing quiz to find out just how curious you are. But there’s a lot more to come – the full experience follows on 12 July and will give consumers the chance to explore a feast of changing content within Honda’s Curious World.”

There’s a nice write-up on The Drum website here and you can check out the first stage of the ‘Curiosity’ campaign here.

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