Why does copywriting still matter in 2015?

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Jen Bull, Collective’s Head of Copy, explains all.

Mad Men

Right now, you’re probably in one of two camps. You’re either aghast at the philistine notion that an ignorant fool – and a Head of Copy no less – could ask such an inane and pointless question. (And I could kiss you for that reaction, I really could.) Or you’re nodding and thinking, “Good question. In the age of Twitter and Instagram, what, really, is the importance of spending a lot of time and money on copywriting?”

Well. Let me explain.

What can the web learn from mobile?

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In recent years there’s been an explosion in native mobile apps. With mobile and tablet sales soaring above desktop, many of us now choose to access content through an app rather than a browser – in fact, as of late 2014, apps now account for 52% of the time we spend consuming digital media. Native apps, unlike traditional responsive websites, are built for specific platforms, and can leverage device-specific features (like GPS, camera, accelerometer etc). While the web has historically been the dominant platform for content consumption, the app trend is almost certainly here to stay, and there is much the web can learn from its new competitor. One area in particular is the use of animation and movement to enhance user interfaces.


2015: The rise – or death – of the selfie?

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It’s that time of the year again when marketers try to predict the hot trends for the coming months. And one trend receiving a lot of airtime at the moment is… drum roll please… the selfie.

I read recently that ‘being in the moment’ has been replaced by ‘being captured being in the moment’. I’m ashamed to admit it, but this reminded me of something my friend and I said as we road tripped through California last year – “If it’s not Instagram worthy, we’re not doing it”. We were only joking (kind of), but the fact is, it’s becoming just as important to document and share our experiences with friends as it is to experience them in the first place.


2014 Awards round-up

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The year’s coming to a close. And what a brilliant twelve months it’s been. We’ve worked on a host of great projects in 2014 – and we’ve picked up a slew of awards and nominations.

To start with, our work for Sony’s Infamous Second Son won Gold in the Lovies’ Mobile category.



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Continuing with the current brand positioning, ‘Unleash the B&Q in you’, the nation’s favourite DIY superstore chain is inviting the great British public to Unleash Christmas.

In addition to a 40 second TV spot from WCRS, Collective London created The Big Switch On – a digital campaign dedicated to everyone turning on their Christmas lights, right across the UK, on exactly the same date: Saturday 6th December.

B&Q big switch on


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Ultra-premium audio brand Meridian has spent the past ten years working on an incredible new technology that promises to change the way we enjoy music. MQA is a revolutionary new way of capturing the original sound as signed off by the artist in the studio and bringing it, untainted and pristine, all the way to your ears.

(We’ve heard it and it is absolutely, hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck-standing-up, amazing. For real.)

Collective Introduces Mo-vie Night

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The month that we once knew as November is long gone. Movember is here to stay and this year Collective raised money in style.

After realising that some of our favourite films – from Borat to Bronson – involved a moustache, Mo-vie Night was born. A night for the Collective team and friends to sport their favourite moustaches and watch the Mo-vie of all Mo-vies: Anchorman.

Raffle prizes soon came flooding in from our sponsors, with ’taches on everything you could possibly imagine: doormats, mugs, necklaces, screen prints…

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.47.45

Meeting the Digital Natives

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Last Wednesday, Annika and I had the wonderful opportunity to take Collective into the classroom. Spurred on by the rewarding prospect of getting young ’uns excited about a potential career in digital, we headed out of central London to the family filled ’burbs of Seven Sisters.

Having no teaching experience ourselves, we were somewhat nervous about what the 14 year-olds at Gladesmore Community School would throw at us (literally). The result? An excellent day of full attention, youthful enthusiasm and brilliant ideas.

We began the day with a simple introduction of who we are and what we do. Wary of our incessant potty mouths, we began describing ourselves. Annika, the organised Studio Manager, and me, the curious and playful Designer. A sort of ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine, perhaps…

​Ary & Joe win gold at the Fresh Awards

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Collective’s new creative team Ary & Joe won gold at the Fresh Awards on Friday!

The award was for Walk London, a map designed to help commuters find a faster way to work during the tube strikes by showing the walking distances between the stations.


20th October 2014   -   0 comments   -  

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the start of a brand new and very special relationship with Hyundai, the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

After a tough three-way pitch, Hyundai appointed Collective London to handle all website, mobile and social work in the UK.

Andrew Cullis, marketing director for Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, said: “The team at Collective London impressed us not only with their wealth of automotive experience but also their innovative vision for the future of digital automotive marketing. They are experts in the field and have a firm grasp of the challenges being faced by the automotive sector.”

Our co-founder and creative partner Stephen Barnes said the agency was “thrilled” to be working with Hyundai, adding “It’s a privilege to help turn Hyundai into a class-leading brand within the digital realm.”

We’ll be back with news of our first projects as soon as they launch.

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