InFAMOUS Second Son: great power doesn’t always come with great responsibility

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InFamous Second Son

In InFAMOUS: Second Son for Sony PlayStation 4, you play Delsin Rowe, a man with unlimited power. It’s the power to get away with anything, and Delsin not only knows it, he loves it. Delsin’s attitude gives InFAMOUS: Second Son a unique feel – playful, subversive and just a little bit scary.

It was our job to create an immersive experience that captured this feeling, giving prospective players a taste of the game, and building excitement around the launch without giving too much away.

How to Hire – Recruitment Tips

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Richard Hedges March 2014

 As Head of Client Services at Collective London, Richard Hedges has plenty of experience hiring top talent. In a recent guest post for creative recruitment agency Source, he shares valuable advice from his experience hiring for the Client Services team. 

How did you learn to hire?

I think it’s something where the more you do it, the more you learn. There’s no formula, and every candidate, role and organisation is different, but once you’ve hired a few great people you can try to identify what it was that made them great, and use that as a guide.

The Social Impact of 25 World Wide Web Years

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As societies, we are swept up in a sea of change which is continually transforming our perception of the world we live in. The internet has transformed relationships between consumers and brands, citizens and governments, and how we interact with each other on a basic human level.

On the 25th Anniversary of the World Wide Web, Collective London analyst Keshan Bolaky discusses the social impact of the last 25 years: Have we gained enough foresight to look ahead to the future of the internet? What can we learn from the last 25 years, and what impact will it have on us as a society, and as consumers? You can read his full post over at Brand Republic’s Wall Blog.

Want to be a copywriter? Then ‘get yourself known’

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Creative recruitment agency Source recently got in touch with Collective for a little career advice. Adam Lowe, copywriter at ColIective was happy to oblige. 

“I am a microwave meal connoisseur.
Self taught, I gained expertise in this field while trying to get a job in advertising.

The Future of… Wearable Tech

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January’s CES stage saw the launch of the Pebble Steel smartwatch, Google glass competitors Optinvent ORA and Epson Moverio BT-200, the Meta Pro ‘wearable computer’ – a new and improved evolution of the Oculus Rift.

For the latest instalment of Collective’s ‘Future of…’ series, CEO Nick Constantinou delves into the world of wearable tech: How long will it be until it becomes engrained into public consciousness? And what future role will it play to brands and marketers?

Head over to Brand Republic’s Wall blog to read more.

Entrepreneur Country: The Future is Much Simpler than You Think

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1984, Gattaca, The Matrix, Minority Report and Her – films have often given us a glimpse of how technology will influence and change society. But while predicting the future is near impossible, a recent article for Entrepreneur Country sees Collective CEO Nick Constantinou look ahead to the long-term effect of technology on consumers, and how businesses can win in a world where everything is connected.

You can read his full article here.

Collective launches innovative digital-first campaign capturing ‘heads turned’ by the new Honda CR-V Special Edition

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CR-V Blog

We’re proud to announce our latest work for Honda – ‘Head Turner’.

The campaign has been developed to support the launch of the new Honda CR-V Special Edition which is available in just two colours, black and white. The Special Edition takes the CR-V’s renowned practicality and efficiency and wraps it in a sportier and more stylish exterior, appealing to an affluent and style-conscious audience who want to drive a car that turns heads

Looking back at Collective’s #XmasMiracle

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Real miracles may come few and far between, but this Christmas we decided to see if our luck was up to scratch. Could we turn a few hundred pounds into £1,000,000 for charity?

Statistically (ahem), we knew we were up against it, so we kicked it all off by donating £1,000 to our sponsored charity, Rainbows Hospice, then as ‘twas the season, we turned to our Twitter followers for a little help. The first 100 followers to Tweet #XmasMiracle received their own personal scratch card Vine video. Once revealed by Father Scratchmas, any winning scratch card amounts were donated to Rainbows.

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