Meeting the Digital Natives

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Last Wednesday, Annika and I had the wonderful opportunity to take Collective into the classroom. Spurred on by the rewarding prospect of getting young ’uns excited about a potential career in digital, we headed out of central London to the family filled ’burbs of Seven Sisters.

Having no teaching experience ourselves, we were somewhat nervous about what the 14 year-olds at Gladesmore Community School would throw at us (literally). The result? An excellent day of full attention, youthful enthusiasm and brilliant ideas.

We began the day with a simple introduction of who we are and what we do. Wary of our incessant potty mouths, we began describing ourselves. Annika, the organised Studio Manager, and me, the curious and playful Designer. A sort of ‘good cop, bad cop’ routine, perhaps…

​Ary & Joe win gold at the Fresh Awards

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Collective’s new creative team Ary & Joe won gold at the Fresh Awards on Friday!

The award was for Walk London, a map designed to help commuters find a faster way to work during the tube strikes by showing the walking distances between the stations.

Branded content, but what is it?

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I love all things digital – whether responsive design, UX, social campaigns, SEO or even rich media. But what really excites me most is the world of branded content.

Forget the buzz phrases like “editorial content.” Branded content is simply live-action or animated videos that are funded by a brand. A product or logo is often featured, although sometimes more effectively (in my opinion), they’re difficult to spot until the end.

Some successful examples? Check out Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”, Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” or the infamous “Dollar Shave Club.” Other references include Converse’s “Manhattan Days” or Burberry’s “Acoustic Sessions” – short films populating branded YouTube channels.

If a picture can speak a thousand words, a video has the potential to speak many, if not millions more.

But there’s a problem.

Byrne Vs. Burns

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We’ve got two new starters this week at Collective. Chris Byrne and Chris Burns. Yep, you read it correctly.

Out of complete coincidence, and for utter confusion, we’ve hired a Project Manager and a Design Intern with almost identical names.

And in true Collective style, we couldn’t let this go unnoticed. So we decided to do a ‘Battle of the Byrnes’ (or Burns – whichever way you’d like to spell it).

Six questions each, whoever gives the best answers takes the crown. Take a read and judge for yourself. There can only be one winner.

Once upon a time…

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photo (1)

In a land not so far far away, there were once two fresh graduates embarking on a wondrous and new digital journey.

A big hello to George!

31st July 2014   -   1 comment   -  


There’s a new member of the team at Collective HQ and at 6 feet 6 inches tall, he’s making quite an impact.

Originally from Greece, with over ten years of front and back end web development expertise, George Bardis has joined us as our new Tech Lead. In his role, George will lead our digital development team, taking responsibility for all of Collective’s digital projects – and providing us with technical solutions along the way.

George spends his free time playing basketball and developing his own CMS distribution of Symfony2 framework: the BardisCMS. What’s not to like? We think George is going to be a great fit at Collective – just don’t disturb him until he’s had his second cup of coffee in the morning.

He even had some kind words to say about us in his first week: “As demonstrated by their recent ‘My Independent Bookshop’ work for Penguin Random House, Collective has a track record of using technology in incredibly influential ways. And I cannot wait to be part of a team that creates this type of meaningful work.”

Read the full official press release

The Gentlemen’s Agreement

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For when their word just isn’t enough

The World Cup is upon us. A time when the nation comes together as one to get behind our team – our England.

Naturally, it also brings out the armchair pundits. And after a few celebratory tipples, outrageous wagers and predictions will come into play.

Now, we believe a bet is a bet – once two hands shake, you stick to it. You never go back on your word. But we’ve all got one friend who does. And we think it’s time he was made to pay. In every sense.

Presenting the Gentlemen’s Agreement. This mobile-first site – created, designed and built by us – lets you log those spur-of-the-moment bets that’d otherwise get lost in the mists of the morning after.

No longer will the welcher be able to cry “I never said that!” or “It wasn’t me, it was the Jägerbombs talking.” Now when you say it, you stick to it. And when the winner emerges victorious, there’ll be no wriggling out of it.

Let’s show the world why football’s called the gentleman’s game, on and off the pitch. Let’s get behind our team – and our wagers. It’s our reputations at stake.

Try it out at

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